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Premium Financing

Insurance premium financing is a way to pay for life insurance premiums by borrowing money.  There are a number of benefits to this, including:


  • Eliminating the need for large up-front premium payments.
  • Keeping your own capital invested in other assets.
  • Avoiding the high cost of paying premiums with after-tax dollars.

Premium financing is an effective strategy used by many types of purchasers, such as high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs, corporations, trust and business owners. Financing the majority of the upfront cost of an insurance policy ensures that business owners do not need to cash in or sell their assets to pay for the entire cost of the insurance policy upfront.  This means that the business can enjoy the protection of the insurance policy without having to negatively impact their cash flow or assets.

Why Choose Insurance Premium Financing?

The most common reason this financing option is so popular is because it allows businesses to attain a large amount of insurance without having to significantly impact their cash flow or liquidate their investments to cover the expense.


Business owners are able to maintain the use of their cash flow and use it for operations or to grow the business.  Premium Financing allows business owners to  attain the insurance coverage they need while keeping their assets intact.


You finance your home, cars, boats, planes, and more. You can also finance your life insurance. Life insurance premium finance can be the ideal solution for high-income professionals, and or corporations who appreciate the benefits of life insurance but prefer not to use current income and wealth to pay for it.


  • Maintain assets and investment portfolios.
  • Borrow at competitive interest rates.
  • Minimize out-of-pocket costs.
  • Use a variety of assets for collateral.
  • The cash value of the life insurance policy, over time, can completely collateralize the loan.

And enjoy unique tax advantages and security. Tax-free income for life. Guarantees not available with other investments. Stock market participation without downside risks. Tax-free death benefits.

Key Person Insurance

Key person insurance is an arrangement where a business purchases life insurance on the life of a key employee to help the company survive financially if something happens to that key employee. The key person policy can either be term insurance or permanent insurance, depending on the goal.


Key Person Insurance Benefits

When the untimely death of a key person happens, key person insurance will help ensure that the company can survive and maintain business operations. The policy will help cover expenses which could have potentially been lost due to the death of the key person. The coverage can help businesses with the following:


  • Replacing The Key Person
  • Paying Investors
  • Paying Business Debts
  • Properly Closing The Business

A key person is anyone in the business who is critical to the success of overall business operations. Looking at your staff and determining whether or not the business could function without their presence is the ideal way of deciding who should have a key person insurance policy.